Our prices are modest for the fishing available, the rules are few and simple and true anglers are willing to pay these charges. However, there have been people who have fished without a permit which is illegal and also unfair to those who have paid. Posession of a fish in these circumstancess is theft. We urge anyone who can identify an angler who is fishing illegally to inform the Secretary on: 01697 322421 with full details (particularly a vehicle number) or an Environment Agency Official on: 01768 215801 or a Police Officer.

Permit Prices and Club Rules

Full season: 30.00

OAP and Cardholders season: 20.00

Junior (14-16) season: 5.00

31 July-end of salmon season: 40.00

Daily salmon and trout: 10.00

Closed Season on River Ellen

Trout and Migratory Trout 1st October - 31st March

Salmon - 1st November - 31st January

Permits for Aspatria A. C. water are issued subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. On any infringement of the rules, the permit will be withdrawn and not reissued except at the discretion of the Committee.

2. Permit holders shall hold a current rod-fishing licence issued by the Environment Agency and shall obey the regulations specified in the Agency's Fishery Bye-Laws.

3. Permit holders must carry their permit and licence, and produce them at the request of the Bailiff or Aspatria Angling Club officials.

4. Permit holders may not use the farmyard, gateway or fields at Prospect Farm, Aspatria, to approach the river.

5. Permit holders parking at Arkleby Mill must take care not to obstruct access to the yard or to farm buildings.

6. Permit holders are requested to approach and leave the river using main roads and bridges and are asked not to cross fields or climb through hedges.

7. Permit holders shall not cut or otherwise damage trees on the riverbank.

8. Permit holders are requested to make diligent search for lost hooks, line and weights to prevent damage to wildlife and farm stock.

9. The use of spinning tackle is prohibited from the start of the season until 1 June.

10. Permit holders are not permitted to take dogs to the river when fishing.

11. By issuing a permit to fish, neither Aspatria Angling Club nor any riparian owner will accept any responsibility for any accident or incident during its use.

12. The Aspatria Angling Club retains the right to withdraw a permit to fish without being required to give any reasons for its actions.



Aspatria Angling Club Permit Prices and Rules