Last season fishing was again leased at Mechi Farm, Blennerhasset. Much of this stretch is narrow, tree-lined and fast flowing 'pocket water,' ideally suited to the roving angler employing short-line fly-fishing and spinning tactics. It is certainly capable of producing quality fish; Dr Clark Colman used light spinning gear to take twelve good wild brownies, including a personal best for the Ellen of fourteen inches and 1lb 1oz in weight. Clark's successful lure was a size 1 gold Mepps presented on 5lb line, which also accounted for a very acrobatic escapee rainbow trout of around 2lbs, and a small hooked-and-lost herling sea trout.
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A quick note of "special interest". The Aspatria Angling Club Waters are soon to be restocked with mature brown trout during this coming season so watch out for some potential outstanding catches!